Ska-Gael Kallad

Ska-Gael Kallad is the capitol of the Gnomish Peoples of the south. Few have ever laid eyes on the fabled city, because it is hidden by illusions and traps.

Fredrick “Mountain” Tingle Rhisus III, maintains the title of king, though a cycling representative magocracy truly controls the day-to-day activities in the city.

It is said that portals to the elemental plane of water keep the city steam and water supplies maintained no matter the conditions outside.

The Transient Halls: All Non-citizens live here. The quality of goods here is as suspect as the folks that make a living here. There are only three large elevators that go down to the Craftsmen Halls, all of which are heavily guarded.

The Craftsmen Halls: All manner of craftspeople live and work here. This part of town also houses The Great Rhisus Arena. Many huge elevators pepper this hall and lead down to the Merchant Halls.

The Merchant Halls:

The Wizard’s Halls: Home to Mage-lords, Nobility, Garl’s Holy Site or The Great Riddle.

Ska-Gael Kallad

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