Adventures in Broeth

Up a creek without a paddle.

Castopher realized that there were about two dozen glowing eyes staring at the party from the coast of the river. Brian immediately levitated off the barge and investigated. Cythra followed with a barrage of arrows, as she was the one that could actually see the gnolls on the coast. A volley of crossbow bolts were returned and a net began to lift out of the river. Telos and Castopher both consumed a mushroom and proceeded into the fray. Brian summoned a mist to obscure the party, then attempted to convert them to a god other than his own…in a language that the gnolls did not speak. Telos jumped into the water and tried to pull the net down from the center. He then moved to the coast and pulled out the stakes that held the net in place. Castopher followed Telos to the coast and they engaged the gnolls. As the last gnoll ran inland, Cythra placed an arrow squarely in the base of it’s skull. Telos and Castopher swam back to the barge, and Brain flew back. the group then proceeded to the wizard’s tower.

Brian sang to the party while Cythra juggled holy symbols. At the tower, Rohan Bluegill told them that an other shipment of goods would be moving down the river within a week, and proceeded down river. Cythra approached a large statue of Lewtyn the Conjurer and it sprung to life. The party made attempts to slow down the lumbering stone construct, and Brain successfully commanded it to lay down. WHile this was happening, Cythra unlocked the door to the tower and proceeded inside…

XP per player: 95



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