Adventures in Broeth

Fight and Respite

Brian, Quericus, Ash, and Castopher continue leading the Halfling “army” southwest. They encounter a corpse with a burned stump where the head should be. This poor soul was relieved of his robe and ring by Jim. Castopher acquired his spellbook and the party carried onwards. The party needed to dispatch a direbull that they encountered in the mountain passes far south of the ruins of Melport. After a few days travel, the mountain pass opened up to a cluster of abandoned buildings near a lake. The Halflings jump at the opportunity to establish a permanent residence. Cythra attempts to build a boat…with little success, and Ash notices strange sensations coming from the ground. Beyond the lake, the party was attacked a mother landshark and her pups. After sustaining serious damage, begin grabbed in its jaws, and knocking Jim unconscious, the barbarians dealt lethal blows to the landshark, whose lower jaw was almost severed. The pups were quickly dispatched there after, and the party returned to Laketown…as it is now called…to recover and plan their next move.

XP per player: 933



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