Adventures in Broeth

Fear the Crossbow

Brian has a dream that motivates him to follow the remaining party members to an underground lair that is associated with worshipers of Nerull. It was a golden skull set with jewels chasing the party and consuming his cohorts, which he finally slew with The Flaming Bastard. The party entered a worn wooden cellar door surrounded by ram skulls and coyote skeletons with a camel tied up outside. A door sealed behind them and in front. After a minute, Jim determined how to disengage the stone door so they could proceed. They slew five clerics with some minor wounds and continued to explore the grounds. Telos fell into a pit trap, and moments later, Quericus melted the exterior stone door like butter so she and Brian could enter.

They explored a storage area, found dirty pictures in the dormitory, and raided the alchemy lab, and entered the sacred alter room of this cult of Nerull. After a hard fought battle with a group of wizards and clerics, Cythra attempted to interrogate the last surviving combatant for information about the cult and their lair. The pathetic cultist told them that their leader, Thrasher will make short work of them, as she has communed with Nerull himself.

XP: 1198 per player



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