Adventures in Broeth

"And they call it a mine..."

Cleaning out Greenridge Mine

The group is trying to remove all the current inhabitants from Greenridge Mine. So far, this has involved the death of two carrion crawlers, two ankhegs, and a slew of troglodytes. Before the battle between Telos, Cythra, Castopher and the ankhegs, Brian ran down the hall at full speed tumbling into an open shaft to a deeper mine below.

With reckless abandon, he charged through the shaft, being followed by Quericus, only to find himself surrounded by a large fierce troglodyte and a pair of ankhegs. Quericus summoned a mighty dire bat to assist Brian.

Telos and the others defeated the ankhegs only to find that the cheap healing potions that Telos bought do a poor job of healing and that red liquid appears to be an enlarge person spell. Telos drank the red potion and grew until his head touched the ceiling of the mine shaft.



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