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The Land of Broeth:

The Broethian Empire is lead by Emperor Agino Broeth and his son, Prince Cedric Broeth. They have declared war on The Southlands and openly persecute Halflings and Gnomes. Several villages and towns dot the landscape of Northern Broeth. Briardale is a cross-roads village between the mining towns to the north and the farming communities to the west. Mountain Home is a larger town with the reputation of being the mining hub for the region. Kingsreach lies to the south west, named for the historical difficulty of maintaining the borders in that region. Fairfield lies to the far northwest, and is purely an agricultural community. Last is New Avondale, an imperial fortification that lies at the northern borders with the Barbarian Chieftains.

Five strangers are trying to scratch success out of this world: Telos, Cythra Arcanscape, Quericus, Brian Lockley, and Castopher Oakley.

Mayor Bruno Levin sought to hire these individuals in an effort to quell rising threats to his village of Briardale. This was not to be, as the individuals took seed money and returned to their business.

Main Page

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