Adventures in Broeth

Epilogue: Adventures in Broeth

The crow’s nest was cramped and smelled awful. He was permitted to keep a vial of ink, a scrap to write on and a gift from his first adventuring team. Jim ran his fingers over the edge of the majestic Gyphon feather on his lap. His mind whirled as he finished penning the words on a scrap of parchment: “I was never a sorcerer.”

He followed his friends through the Death-cult Crypt, and witnessed the obliteration of a vampire by the holy powers of Fharlanghn and his conduit, Brain Lockley. There were glimpses of the trek through the desert to the Gnomish Capitol. Songs and tales of insect men, troglodytes, and kobolds rolled though his memory…a fresh memory that was now older than his children. Each of his compatriots, tasted greatness in different forms.

Castopher had worked with Cythra to create a world of easily accessible magic items that changed the way Codia used magic and made them wealthy beyond the measure of the Dwarven Clans. This coincided with a surge of followers of Chronos, the father of time. Many shrines started springing up in the south and swept north with the destruction of the Brothian Empire. Castopher used his resources to rebuild the Staff of Many Parts and include it as one of the artifacts in his great museum of magic in the city of Prell. Through penitence and devotion, Cythra mysteriously found her daughter…if you believe the stories at Chronos’s shrines. The pair created a legacy of wealth and power that spans all of elvendom.

Telos found seized his vengeance and found peace. With the help of sage and oracle he found the fated weaponry of the elder councilors of the Tribual and used them to defeat the last living member of the Imperial line, prince Cedric of Avondale. It was with those arcane weapons and the assistance of Brian’s powers, Telos was able to destroy the deamon that had worked so closely with the prince sowing the seeds of evil throughout Broeth and the barbarian lands to the north. He was able to return to his people and resume his position among the leaders of the tribes that now meet in Okana Aleho.

Quericus Flamequencher, was able to rebuild the world of halflings in the crumbling ruins of the Broethian Empire. On the foundations of Melport, New Haven was build as a city for all free peoples of Codia. A city that through magic and druidic intervention ushered in a golden age of harmony between all races of humanoid and beasts of the wild. Quiercus created her home, a place where the natural world and the humanoid world could be one.

Finally there was Brian Lockley, the cleric of Fharlanghn, avatar of the god of travel. He was there when the councilor’s blades were found, and when the first magic shops needed starting funds, he delved deep below the ruins of Melport and liberated the great treasure of Olidamarra. Brian lived well, by his own rules, and continued traveling the length and breadth of Codia after the others had found their peace. It was in this exploration that Brian found his own peace. He explored all that this world had to offer, from the halls of the great Dwarven Clanholds, to the elven cities woven of wood and magic found in Amaharumil. He was know through out Broeth for his spirit and deep connection to the lord of Travel. Legend claims that Brian was approached by Fharlanghn in the form of an elderly man, and was offered the hand of Atroa, the goddess of the west wind, in marriage. In this act, Brian had become the apotheosis of Fharlanghn, his incarnate on the Material Plane. It is said he still wanders this world, disseminating frustration for the lawful, and delight for free spirits and those who’s mission is to see the world beyond their home.

Jim leaned back in the Plush leather chair, surrounded by students at the Tribunal’s Conservatory. There were those who sought wealth, power, adventure, and some who didn’t know what they wanted yet. He smiled to the five corners of the splendidly decorated room, each with a huge pillar carved into the resplendent form of one of his old friends. He whispered “That’ll do.”

On the road again...

The party defeated a dominated Telos and the vampire with a [critical success] searing burst o light from Brian Lockley. The charred remains of the vampire were hoisted out into the light by Cythra and Brian, then the party continued on towards the Gnomish capitol, Ska-Gael Kallad. They happened upon a merchant with a broken cart. Quericus wood-warped the wheel back together, and decided to accompany the merchant to the capitol…

Vampire State of Mind

The party goes toe to toe with an ancient vampire. After much fire and pain, Catstopher is knocked unconscious and Telos has been dominated by the vampire.

Out of the frying pan, into the...Elemental Plane of Fire

Quericus quickly consecrated the room that has so recently held an unprecedented evil at bay. An undead being that materialized out of thin air encountered Telos with his armor, but without his weapons or gear. The vampire grappled with Telos but was cast to the shadows of the dungeon by Brain Lockley’s powerful rays of sunlight. It was at this moment that Thrasher awoke the bugbear trophies on her walls and attacked the party. Castopher laid waste to the abominations with two well-placed fireballs. He took a knee and finished off Thrasher with a bolt of force from his wand of magic missiles. The vampire summoned minions of darkness in the form of a pack of wolves that raced down the hall. Telos wrestled with one as Quericus summoned entangling roots to ensnare the beasts. This allowed a visibly shaken Cythra to pelt the wolves with arrows. All they need to do is finish off some wolves…and an ancient vampire.

XP: 388 per player

On the subject of barbarians and hairy females...

Quericus and Brian awake from an extended rest, and find Telos and Cythra in a room further into the dungeon with a strange man-sized bottle filled with what appears to be a gold leaf of a corpse…without the actual corpse. They continued down a different corridor that was adorned with corpses, to address the leader of the Nerullian Cult, Thrasher.

Telos immediately attempted to charm the hulking, gnoll female, and succeeded. While Telos was… succeeding, the remainder of the party assaulted the glass relic. Telos freed a fairy named Nania from a jar, and tried to sneak out of the room. He realized that he left all his gear in the gnolless’s room, and ultimately returned to her bed. Brian finally dealt a mighty blow to the jar and shattered it with the crossguard of the Flaming Bastard. For several minutes it seemed that nothing happened until there was the sound of echoing maniacal laughter through out the halls as something wholly evil was released into this world.

It comes full circ-skull

Cythra and Telos took the time to explore another hall of the cultists lair and set off a few traps. Another hall way sealed upon entry and they needed to reopen it. They found a few magical relics and used Jim to try and test one. Jim put a crown on his head. His nose began to bleed and appeared to have some sort of conniption. When he regained composure, he explained that he had a new set of memories, of him being trained as a sorcerer. Though he seemed to have changed, the party carried on into a new room with something bizarre; a man-sized, clear bottle. The bottle appeared to be air tight, and inside there appeared to be a desiccated humanoid corpse with a thin layer of solid gold coating it. Upon closer inspection, the gold was there, but the corpse seemed to be missing…

XP: 500 Cythra and Telos, 200 for Quericus, Brian, Castopher, and Ash.

Fear the Crossbow

Brian has a dream that motivates him to follow the remaining party members to an underground lair that is associated with worshipers of Nerull. It was a golden skull set with jewels chasing the party and consuming his cohorts, which he finally slew with The Flaming Bastard. The party entered a worn wooden cellar door surrounded by ram skulls and coyote skeletons with a camel tied up outside. A door sealed behind them and in front. After a minute, Jim determined how to disengage the stone door so they could proceed. They slew five clerics with some minor wounds and continued to explore the grounds. Telos fell into a pit trap, and moments later, Quericus melted the exterior stone door like butter so she and Brian could enter.

They explored a storage area, found dirty pictures in the dormitory, and raided the alchemy lab, and entered the sacred alter room of this cult of Nerull. After a hard fought battle with a group of wizards and clerics, Cythra attempted to interrogate the last surviving combatant for information about the cult and their lair. The pathetic cultist told them that their leader, Thrasher will make short work of them, as she has communed with Nerull himself.

XP: 1198 per player

Fight and Respite

Brian, Quericus, Ash, and Castopher continue leading the Halfling “army” southwest. They encounter a corpse with a burned stump where the head should be. This poor soul was relieved of his robe and ring by Jim. Castopher acquired his spellbook and the party carried onwards. The party needed to dispatch a direbull that they encountered in the mountain passes far south of the ruins of Melport. After a few days travel, the mountain pass opened up to a cluster of abandoned buildings near a lake. The Halflings jump at the opportunity to establish a permanent residence. Cythra attempts to build a boat…with little success, and Ash notices strange sensations coming from the ground. Beyond the lake, the party was attacked a mother landshark and her pups. After sustaining serious damage, begin grabbed in its jaws, and knocking Jim unconscious, the barbarians dealt lethal blows to the landshark, whose lower jaw was almost severed. The pups were quickly dispatched there after, and the party returned to Laketown…as it is now called…to recover and plan their next move.

XP per player: 933

Capitol losses and The Southern Road

After a brief goodbye from “Grips,” she disappears into a tree as the group hears the groaning of Melport collapsing under her own weight. The populace rushes towards the Lakeport District in an effort to reach safety on the lake. Smoke billows from within the other districts and the sounds of panicked screams fill the air.

Brian flew along the docks and found a small craft that was unattended. He stole it to lead is cohorts to safety.

When they approached the southern shore of the lake, they were greeted by a strange character.

Quericus and Brian spend time trying to mobilize an army of halflings to march south and create a new city. It’s also in the same direction as the Gnomish Capitol of Ska-Gael Kallad

The party learn about Brian’s parents and youth, and finds a chest that needs to be opened. After threatening a dozen halflings, there are a few that agree to assist the group and give the contents to the party.

One night, the party encountered a pack of barghasts, and dispatched tehm quickly. Castopher Decimated them with a single fireball, and Ashitaka, flew into a battle-rage and lopped of one of their heads.

Brian fell through an illusion of a lake and began to explore a long ominous tunnel, only to be scared at the prospect of finding large insects. After this, the party found a small group of imperial scouts that the cleverly misdirected with floating lights and false sounds.

After a week of travel, they encounter another group heading north towards Melport and they introduce themselves as the Order of Balance. Their party is composed of a half-ogre, a human woman, a halfling, and a depressing looking elf.

1175 experience per player.

Who is Evergreen?

Despite efforts to evacuate the sewers of water, Telos is lost in the filth under Melport. The party continues to destroy pillars under the Melport Lakeport Area. One of the monstersaesthyrond.png that seem to have captured Telos was investigated by the group, and appears to be dragon-like in nature, but not a half-dragon. The thing also had a mark carved into it’s neck that appears to be a square with a circle, divided into three equal parts inside. The party defeats a few otyughs, and talks their way out of a fight with a group of reptilian sewer-dwellers. As the last pillar is destroyed, the earth groans and grumbles. The party quickly makes their way back to the cistern and the ladder to the surface.

Experience: 600 per player


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